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Welcome! I am so glad you’re here and look forward to serving you. My work focuses on individuals, couples, and families in nontraditional relationships & family structures. My goal is to help my clients better navigate the challenges that arise from these complex dynamics.

I am Dr. Jennelle, a PhD Psychologist and Relationship Advisor and my clients include female same-sex couples, divorced/remarried couples, and blending families. 

I am also a certified Justice of the Peace and in addition to creating unique and personal ceremonies, I offer pre-and-post marital advising to ensure a healthy, lasting partnership through all phases of life. 


“Things are amazing! I know you probably hear this 80 times a day, but I wish i had done this earlier (I know I wasn’t ready, but still…..). The [new] job is awesome and I’m loving how things are with [my daughters]. ❤︎ I’m scheduling fun….big fun…big social-ness into my days. I’m going to start going to country line dancing next week, I met my long time friend for coffee today and we just shot the shit for 2 hours, I’ve told my mom that each Friday night we are having a big family supper here and I’m having Saturday morning breakfast every week with [another] friend. I’m happy, relaxed and starting to really enjoy life….and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support.”

“Dr. Jennelle was so amazing and understanding in what I was (and currently still) going through. She did not judge my situation whatsoever. I felt so comfortable chatting with her about….well the whole situation, ugly side and all. I felt so relieved just to have someone to talk to that gets it! All of it! Relationships are tough, but having an expert to chat with, helped A LOT! Thank you again Dr. Jennelle.”

“At times, I felt very eager for answers, and Dr. Jennelle always answered clearly and helpfully. I certainly feel like I got answers before I even knew how to ask the question.”

“Dr. Jennelle always responded to all questions with complete information. She always had good ideas and strategies, always a positive experience. She never made you feel judged and was never “preachy”.”

“Dr. Jennelle has been fabulous: enthusiastic, encouraging yet realistic, knowledgeable about us and our issues… just outrageously good.  Always positive, and always with solutions and suggestions. I am very very very picky and fussy about facilitator-types. This experience has been wonderful. And Dr. Jennelle’s spirit, experience, and knowledge were key to that. We were focused, supportive, honest, open, and all of us (as far as I could tell) really engaged in understanding how to get through this program well and honestly. Thanks so much for Jennelle. She is a gem.” – Jane C

“Dr. Jennelle is easy to talk to, very positive! Dr. Jennelle is very encouraging, she always looks for the positive in anything you say!”

“Dr. Jennelle has been very knowledgeable, pleasant, and responsive!  She’s very positive and understanding and appreciative of any questions and comments. She also shares her own experience, when appropriate, which has been very helpful.”

“Dr. Jennelle gave me some great ideas that were very effective. Very upbeat personality, responsive, and encouraging.”

“Dr. Jennelle’s personal interest in her clients is very helpful. She’s very positive and has a great way of responding to concerns and obstacles, which can be different for every client. Very charming, good sense of humor, always enjoyable.”

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