Who Is Dr. Jennelle?

As a Relationship Advisor, I offer support, guidance, and advice on the matters of the heart that matter most to you. I focus on the partnership, helping relationships thrive throughout all of life’s crazy transitions (e.g., sexual preference shifts, divorce, moving in together, having a baby, blending families, changing careers, financial shifts, etc.). I specialize in working with female same-sex couples, divorced/remarried couples, and blended families. Life is ever-evolving and it’s my job to make sure your relationship evolves along with it.

15747716_10103189768495179_539676361458669479_nI received my Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology in 2012 from Northeastern University after ten years of both undergraduate and graduate study in psychology. My undergraduate work and dissertation focused on the investigation of mental health related behaviors in adults and children. I have taught abnormal psychology at the university level multiple times in addition to acting as an advisor to undergraduate psychology students. Following my graduate work, I focused primarily in the physical health space; guiding others to reach their wellness goals through teaching nutrition courses, weight loss counseling, and fitness. Today I spend my time helping individuals and couples embrace the big changes that come with choosing a nontraditional lifestyle – a concept that is near and dear to my heart (read about my personal big change of heart  here).

If you’re looking to improve the communication, collaboration, and harmony in your relationship, schedule a free consult call with me today! Schedule Here!