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Blended Families

We all know how the story goes…boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, have a baby…
But no one ever talks about falling in love with someone new and learning to love their babies while they learn to love yours.


Much like there are no great role models for same-sex couples and divorced/remarried couples, the best known blended family is likely still The Brady Bunch, which is pretty far off from today’s dynamic. It’s a completely new playing field, for both parents and children, and every situation is completely unique. As if parenting weren’t complicated enough, becoming parents overnight to someone else’s children can feel overwhelming.
And we find ourselves constantly questioning…


How do I co-parent with my ex when we can’t seem to talk to each other?
How can I accept that my kids’ other household is so different than mine? 
How can I share my children with my ex? How can I share my children with my partner?
Why doesn’t my partner love my children like I do? How does my partner love my children like I do?
How do we manage all of these kids at once? 
Should we use the “step” term, or not? What does it even mean?
How will we ever have time for us
How can our house feel more like a home? How can we be a united family? 


Sharing children across households, learning the roles and expectations of biological and non-biological parents, processing countless new emotions, all while trying to raise happy, confident, self-sufficient children? Seems impossible. But it’s not. Together we will create a new vision of what “family” means for you, your partner, and your children. I will work with you to keep the calm in your household (and your heart) and to let go of what is out of your control (and out of your home).


Schedule your free relationship consultation with me today so that you never forget that, truly, *it doesn’t matter where the love comes from, it just matters that it’s there*
Xx, Dr. Jennelle


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