Case Study: Yvonne & Meghan

When I first met Yvonne and Meghan in May of 2016, they had known each other less than 5 months – but their love was palpable. After a friend of Meghan’s sent her an article of mine in Elephant Journal (It Wasn’t Easy but it was Always Worth It: My Big Change of Heart Story), she had reached out to me about being a guest on my podcast (Big Change of Heart Podcast) to share her personal big change of heart story. After our initial conversation, it was clear that Meghan and Yvonne were dealing with all of the challenges that come with a big change of heart – divorce, blending families, sexual identity, reactions from friends and family, moving in together, financial strain, and career changes. Needless to say, they had a lot on their plate. And despite what others might have seen as insurmountable odds, Yvonne and Meghan knew that what they had was incredibly rare and beautiful, that some spend their whole lives searching for it, and that it was – without a doubt – worth fighting for.

In our work together over the last 9 months, non-coincidentally the term of a full pregnancy, Yvonne and Meghan have birthed a beautiful, healthy relationship. They have learned about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, how they differ as individuals, and where they come together as a couple. They are continuing to work on a better approach to conflict with each other and outside of their partnership, and they are no longer afraid of what an argument means – they know it’s an opportunity for growth, and a chance to do it better next time. I have watched their family grow more united and their children feel connected, safe, and above all, happy. Yvonne and Meghan know that just around the corner may be another challenge, but they are embracing each one that comes their way, because they know they are not only armed with love, but with the tools and skills to reinforce their love with trust, patience, and hope.

They may not be the American Dream you’re used to, but this beautiful family is the embodiment of love being greater than fear. Through their strength, courage, and bravery let them teach the world a little more about choosing to live for love.



It Was Like Talking To Your Best Friend

“My partner and I have been seeing Dr. Jennelle now for about six months. We were both married. Her to a man and myself to a women. We met in very unlikely circumstances and had a Big Change of Heart. A friend of Meghan’s (my partner) is a blogger and gave her name to Dr. Jennelle so we could touch base. I was apprehensive. I don’t like therapists. I don’t like to talk about my feelings and I certainly don’t like to tell outside people about them. But I decided to try. Meghan and I were struggling. We have 4 kids between us, 3 of which are special needs and we are both going through a divorce. We both lost lots of our friends because of our breakups. We had no one who knew what we were going through. No support. So we set up our first session. Skype is a wonderful thing. Jennelle was instantly very warm and friendly. As we talked it was so comforting. She would say things like “I know exactly what you are talking about” or “we went through the same thing”. It was like talking to your best friend. If your best friend was a relationship adviser. She was very kind and sensitive to our situation. There were so many things that hit so close to home that a person who hasn’t gone through a Big Change of Heart wouldn’t know about. After our session I felt relief. It’s so wonderful and comforting to us to just sit and talk and get a perspective that no one else has. Answers to questions and situations. Even some tough love (much needed). If I wanted to, I could go on the Big Change of Heart Community and ask questions or seek advice. Whenever I felt like I was in crisis I would just shoot off an email and I knew that I had someone that I trusted, that would help me through this tough time. And believe me, there were many. I don’t know where Meghan and I would be today if it wasn’t for Dr. Jennelle. Her advice, counseling, listening ear and friendship is invaluable.” ~ YF, October 2016


We Can’t Imagine What Our Relationship Would Be Without Her

“My girlfriend and I have been talking to Dr. Jennelle since the beginning of our “Big Change of Heart”. Honestly, we can’t imagine what our relationship would be without her. All of the resources she provides for us to have access to her are wonderful. We have the ability to be in the Big Change of Heart Community where you get to be with other people who are going through similar situations as yourself, and participate in her daily activities. The most valuable thing to our relationship is having those one-on-one sessions with Jennelle. Getting to speak to her and explain what’s going on, getting that feedback (even though it’s hard to hear sometimes) has really made this transition, this change, so much easier for us. I cannot stress how important it is for us to have those talks with her, and being able to follow up with emails when we really need to vent our emotional times. It has opened lines of communication for us that I’m not sure we would have without her. Going through this experience with Jennelle being our biggest cheerleader is something I am forever grateful for, she is a wonderful relationship adviser and friend.” ~ MW, October 2016



“After working with Dr Jennelle for some time now, I can’t express how much better my relationships are. Not just with my partner, but with everyone. “Let Go” is one of her sayings and it couldn’t be more true. 2016 was a tough year for a lot of people, but when you are going through a Big Change of Heart, a divorce, your partner is going through a divorce, and you have 4 children – it can get overwhelming. Dr Jennelle has talked me off of my preverbal ledge. I would e-mail her in the middle of the night, during a lunch, half dead asleep. All the while totally and completely emotional. Sometimes hysterical. She would come back with the kindest emails. Always putting things into perspective and with great advice. Our Skype sessions are invaluable. There is always so much to be said, to learn, for me to listen and just take in everything. I thought that the first six months were hard. I thought wrong. These past few months have been the hardest of my life. Meghan (my partner) and I were really stressed and fighting a lot. This was the first holiday season that we were separated (from our ex’s), the kids were a mess. Navigating meeting family for the first time. Lots and lots of work and very little to no sleep. It’s was pretty much a recipe for disaster. We were close to breaking up. At least I thought so. Threats were made. It was bad. Dr Jennelle would always put a spin on things that I had never thought of. She would tell us to give ourselves some slack. Slow down! That’s a big one. It takes me a bit longer for things to sink in (I have a big thick Portuguese skull). She has always been patient. Telling me things in as many different ways as I needed for me to get it, for it to sink in and for me to try and talk my way through it. I am indebted to Dr Jennelle, I know without her as our relationship advisor we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you. So many thank you’s.” ~ YF, January 2017


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