<center>Divorced/Remarried Couples</center>

Divorced/Remarried Couples

We all know how the story goes…boy meets girl, they fall in love, and build a happy life together…
But what if it’s not a happy life together?


Despite the fact that divorce rates are at an all-time high (as are remarriages), we are still being raised to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, that it’s forever, and that divorce is the worst thing possible.


And it’s true, no one plans to get divorced when they get married. No one has childhood wedding dreams… about their second wedding. So once again, we’re left without an example of what these relationships look like, and more importantly, how to do them.
And we find ourselves asking…


What if we don’t hate our ex? What if we do? What if we never want to see them again? What if we have to? 
How do we start a new life, when we have so much emotional and financial baggage from the old one? 
Where to do we live? How do we live? 
What if we want our lives to look nothing like we’ve known before? What if we want a lifestyle just like the one we grew up in? What if our partner doesn’t? 
What if I want to have kids? What if my partner doesn’t? How will our lives change? 


While you may know plenty of divorced and remarried couples in your circle of friends and family, there are still no guidelines for how life goes on after divorce, or for what’s next. There are no rules about future partners hating past partners (or liking them). There is no codebook that lays out exactly whose furniture should be kept, where a “fresh start” should happen, or how to talk about the less-than-sexy parts of a new relationship (like debt and mourning the loss of an old life). It’s complicated, unexpected, and hard…even when there is new love, life, and joy.


Whether newly divorced, newly remarried, or seasoned in both; the ever-evolving relationship challenges brought about by having both an ex-partner and a current partner can seem daunting. I can help you turn each mountain into a molehill and work with you to find better ways of managing the disappointment caused by a previously failed relationship coupled with the high expectations of a new one.


Schedule your free relationship consultation with me today and we can start tackling all the challenges that come with choosing to live for love.
Xx, Dr. Jennelle


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