Frequently Asked Questions



Why do you call yourself a Relationship Advisor?

I call myself a Relationship Advisor for very specific reasons. I am not a counselor or a coach. I do not diagnose, treat, train, or teach. Consider a financial advisor – educated and experienced, sharing personal choices as a way to support you and offer expertise as a means of guiding you to improve your financial situation. I do the same, but for your relationship. Want to learn more about my philosophy? Lucky you I wrote a whole blog about it – What I Am


What makes you different? How are you different than talking to a friend? 

In many ways, working with me is a lot like talking to a really good friend with a shared experience (just ask Yvonne & Meghan). However, in several others ways, working with me is very different than talking with a friend. Namely, it’s unlikely that your closest friends studied psychology for over 10 years and even earned a doctorate in the subject. While we all think we know a lot about the human condition, those of us that study the human psyche do have the credentials to give you the appropriate support, guidance, and advice. Additionally, my nontraditional lifestyle (parents divorced at age 12, mother remarried to husband #3 with 4 children a year later, lived in a shared household with step-siblings and step-parents, left a long-term heterosexual relationship for a same-sex partner, currently raising kids in a blended family as a same-sex step-parent) provides additional expertise above and beyond my education and professional experience. You will be hard pressed to find friends that can cover all of these bases! 


Why should I even consider seeing a professional? 

Because we have to stop being so foolish as to believe that we can figure it all out on our own. I’m not a car expert, so I don’t try to fix my car; I take it to a mechanic. I am not a medical expert, so I don’t try to heal my own wounds; I see a doctor. And even though I may have some expertise in mental health and behavior, I know that this life, while big, bold, and beautiful…is Messy As Hell (which is why I see my own counselor and have for over 10 years). If you are not working on being the best version of you inside and out, then your efforts are being wasted. You need to ask yourself the hard questions, check in with yourself to see if you’re really living your best life, and continually question whether you’re facing the hard, head-on. And when it gets to be too much, when you see the trouble and sense the danger, scream and shout until someone hears you – because someone will hear you. And being heard is one of life’s most necessary experiences. Let your bird song ring and never quiet that voice. Ask for help before you go silent, we want to hear your song.

If you haven’t found your person to talk to and you’re ready to sing, I want to hear your song.


What can I expect from working with a Relationship Advisor? 

Working with me as your relationship advisor, you will – 

  • Examine what in your current situation is hurting and how to start healing
  • Discover what your relationship ideal looks like
  • Uncover what you must accept about your current situation and relationship
  • Determine what risks you are willing to take to reach your relationship ideal 
  • Identify your triggers and learn a better approach to conflict

To really get the full picture of what relationship advising looks like, take a look at the details on my Relationship Advising page!


Do you teach skills for better communication in a partnership? I feel like we fight all the time…

Yes! One of the most important skills I teach is the Art of Arguing, because all couples argue, but some just do it better! It is my goal to teach you the skills to develop solid communication so that you can better approach conflict and learn to disagree with grace. If arguing is a constant in your relationship and you’re really starting to get fed up, it’s time we talk. And until then, learn Why You Shouldn’t Want Your Distance (during an argument). 


Do you teach skills for more collaborative parenting in blended families?

Yes! I am incredibly passionate about helping blended families blend better! As a product of a blended family (raised with a half sister until the age of 12 when I also acquired 4 step-siblings and a step-father) as well as the creator of another (co-raising my partner’s 3 biological children with her ex-husband and his wife), I know first-hand the challenges that come with co-parenting while keeping your partnership thriving. I believe that children need strong role models to develop into strong, confident adults (which is why I also believe in spreading messages like this one). And the best way to model a good relationship for your children is to have a loving, connected partnership – which is why I created a free webinar on how to Take Back The Bedroom, because if you lose that bedroom magic, you might as well count on losing the whole damn thing! 


Do you offer a consultation?

I offer a free, 30 minute phone consultation to learn more about your current situation and your relationship goals. These consults are most effective when I know a little about your background, so I always encourage clients to email me beforehand with any information they’d like me to have before the call ( You can schedule for your relationship consultation here.


Where are you located? Where do you see clients? 

I am physically located on the South Shore of Massachusetts, however I “see” clients primarily online and via phone. As most of my clients have hectic schedules and children, the convenience of an online session is invaluable (no commute or babysitter needed!). I use a video conferencing program called Zoom, and before each session you are sent a link to join our private, secure web-session. I also offer the ability to record the video and/or audio of our sessions so that you can watch/listen to review any of our discussion if you so choose.


What are your rates?

My current pricing is – 

  • 30-minute session w/ follow-up + 1 wk email & chat support- $90
  • 4 30-minute sessions w/ follow-up + 1 month email & chat support- $315
  • 60-minute session w/ follow-up + 1 wk email & chat support – $175
  • 4 60-minute sessions w/ follow-up + 1 month email & chat support – $600
  • Monthly Advising Service {unlimited email & chat support + 1 60-minute session or 2 30-minute sessions} – $250/month
  • Monthly Advising Service [electronic] {unlimited email & chat support} – $100/month

All clients must have a consultation before booking any advising services.

Payment plans are available upon request. 


What can I expect from an advising relationship with you?

I believe very strongly that proactive and ongoing support, guidance, and advice is critical for the success of any relationship. And much like with any personal investment (finances, career, parenting), it’s important to continually work on your relationship, rather than waiting to seek help when it’s falling apart. By doing the work up front, you are ensuring the longevity of your relationship.

As your relationship advisor, I will be available to you when you need it most. You can schedule multiple sessions in one week if necessary. And in addition to actual session time, I am available in-between sessions to provide the same support, guidance, and advice via email and chat. If an issue comes up in your relationship, don’t wait. Reach out and get the help you need.

You can read more about the details on what to expect from sessions with me here


Do you accept health insurance? 

I do not accept insurance, for several reasons. One, I am not a board certified therapist or clinician (a personal choice, as the rules and regulations are far too limiting for the advising that I do with my clients). My advising is a bit outside the box, which allows me to use a combination of many tools and skills, but does not result in being covered by insurance carriers. Additionally, I have seen that when clients have unending insurance for their counseling/coaching/advising, they don’t value each session in the same way. Specifically, when you purchase a set amount of sessions with me, you know what you are working on and what you want to accomplish by the end of those sessions. So this allows us to have a more concrete timeline to work on solutions and get you to where you want to be. Lastly, unlike traditional counselors, I allow for contact between sessions via email and messaging so that when an issue arises that you want feedback on, even if it is not when you have a session scheduled, you can get the support, guidance, and advice that you need as soon as possible.