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In one of my most information interviews to date, I talk with the Debt Free Guys about the importance of love & money!

Episode 38: Have the Heart to Protect Your Family Financially

– Tune in here!

[aired February 15, 2017]


Check out my interview on The Lauren Jean Show all about the fluidity of female sexuality!

Episode 32: Sexual Fluidity, Emotional Unavailability, and Outgrowing Relationships

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[aired February 7, 2017]


Listen in to my interview with Melissa Brown of the Blended Family Podcast to hear some important support, guidance, and advice for your blended family!

Episode 112: Relationship Advice with Dr. Jennelle

– Tune in here!

[aired February 6, 2017]



Read 3 BIG Things I Learned In The Week I Didn’t Wear My Engagement Ring here!

[published November 4, 2016]



Read Loving Her Doesn’t Mean She Never Loved Him!  here!

[published October 23, 2016]



Read I’m Officially The Worst Lesbian Ever here!

[published October 18, 2016]



Tune into one of my favorite interviews to date with Jenn T. Grace, host of the Personal Branding for the LGBTQ Professional podcast, where we discussed everything from the fluidity of sexual identity, stereotypes, and being thought leaders!

Episode 95: Dissecting LGBTQ Identities Around Same Sex Relationships with Dr. Jennelle

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[aired October 14, 2016]



Check out my interview with Robyn D’Angelo, The Happy Couple Expert in the online event Mastering The Messiness of Couplehood Together where we talk about how to better long your strong willed partner!

Watch How To Love Your Strong Willed Partner here! {password: LYPlovegeekJY}

[aired October 13, 2016]


Listen in to my interview with Betsy Pake on The Art Of Living Big podcast where I talk about how to create better relationships and live your truth!

Episode 4: How To Create Better Relationships: Interview with Dr. Jennelle – Tune in here!

[aired October 12, 2016]



Read StartOUT Success Story: Dr. Jennelle Yopchick’s Big Change of Heart here!

[published October 7, 2016]



Read 3 Luxuries of Being Feminine Women in a Same-Sex Relationship here!

[published September 29, 2016]



Check out my interview on the Just Stay Curious Podcast where I was able to talk about everything from when Bob Harper told me to put down the ice cream all the way to listening to Brené Brown reminding me to be more of a badass!

Episode 38: Life Is Ever Evolving, Interview With Dr. Jennelle – Tune in here!

[aired September 19, 2016]



Read 3 Things You Never Realized Women Had to Consider…When in a Relationship With Another Woman here!

[published September 11, 2016]



Read The Other Mother: My Kids Don’t Call Me ‘Mom’ But I Know I’m Valued here!

[published September 10, 2016]



Listen to my interview with the fabulous Kim Style and K-Town of Same Sex Dialogue Podcast! Kim and I are mental bffs and I loved getting the chance to chat on the air while answering some killer quesitons from K-Town and other lovely listeners of the show!

Episode 44: I’m Snooping Around For Handcuffs w/ Dr. Jennelle – Tune in here!

[aired September 10, 2016]


love stories podcast logo

Listen to me share my love story and what home means to me on the Love Stories Podcast with Sean Glynn!

Episode 18: Dr. Jennelle & Jess – Tune in here!

[aired August 29, 2016]



Read Why You Shouldn’t Want Your Distance! {while arguing} here!

[published July 31, 2016]


in the KNOW logo

Check out my interview about the importance of healthy relationships on In The KNOW radio with hosts Cisco Holland and Elizabeth Stanley!

Tune in here!

[aired May 29, 2016]



Read It Wasn’t Easy but it was Always Worth It: My Big Change of Heart Story  here!

[published April 20, 2016]


the marriage boss podcast

Listen to me dish about how “Love Is Thicker Than Water” with The Marriage Boss, Rick Gabrielly!

Episode 30: Dr. Jennelle – Love Is Thicker Than Water – Tune in here!

[aired April 9, 2016]