<center>Female Same-Sex Couples</center>

Female Same-Sex Couples

We all know how the story goes…boy meets girl, they fall in love, and build a happy life together…
But what if girl meets girl?


In today’s world, while female couples are increasingly common, we are still lacking good examples for how to do same-sex love.
Sure, as we become adult women there are plenty of female couples we can look to as role models. But as kids growing up and learning about love and relationships? We’re shit out of luck.
And we’re often left asking…


Do I have to define my sexual preference? Am I gay? A lesbian? Just curious?
What do we tell our family? Our friends?
Do we really have to answer “who is the man in the relationship?” Who mows the lawn? Who does the dishes? How do we decide?
Does one of us have to be submissive for this to work? What if we’re both strong-minded and independent?
Do we have to be the same kind of woman? Or does that make it worse?


While your same-sex relationship may seem like uncharted territory, it doesn’t have to feel so foreign and impossible.
If you are in a female same-sex relationship and you’re struggling with any of these issues, I can help. Through self-discovery, vulnerability, honesty, and patience; you, your partner, and those that matter most to you can find common ground, understanding, and happiness.
Get in touch with me today and we can start tackling all the challenges that come with finding yourself in a lady love.
Xx, Dr. Jennelle



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