Let’s Pull Back the Covers…
…and Increase the Intimacy in Your Bedroom!


  • Discover the #1 reasons why so many female couples find it hard to make sex a priority!

  • Learn the 7 most important (simple) things you can do to keep your relationship hot & heavy!

  • Practice daily habits (and eliminate others) for a more sexually connected partnership!

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Hey Lady Lovers, Dr. Jennelle Here!Dr. J Face

Look, I get it – we’re all faced with the challenge of keeping sex a priority in our relationships. We all want it to be the #1 priority, but life seems to make that extra hard sometimes, doesn’t it? And as women, we crave that emotional and physical intimacy like crazy!  But our daily lives are so full that it’s difficult to slow down and connect with our partners on that very important physical level every day. And although it’s an important topic, it’s not always easy to talk about…

So don’t worry, in my Take Back The Bedroom webinar, I do all the talking. In fact, you don’t even have to watch – you can just tune into the audio and check out the Take Back The Bedroom Guide when you’re ready.

As a PhD Psychologist and Relationship Advisor specializing in female same-sex couples, divorced/remarried couples, and blended families; I offer support, guidance, and advice on the matters of the heart that matter most to you. Like…SEX!

Because we all know that the sex in our relationships is ah-ma-zing, right? So let’s work on keeping it that way and getting more of it!

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Stay Sexy ❤︎