Heart Assessment
Are you having a hard time communicating with your partner?
Are you tired of having the same issues over and over again?
Do you need some clarity to help you move forward?

The purpose of the HEART Assessment is to provide you with a deeper understanding of your relationship wants, needs, and tendencies so that you can be clear on your partnership goals and how to achieve them. We will accomplish this by identifying the following –

  • H: Acknowledging the HURT in your current situation so that you can HEAL
  • E: ENVISIONING your relationship ideal – what your non-negotiables are in your partnership
  • A: ACCEPTING the things you cannot change about your current situation – in order to move forward
  • R: Determining your level of RISK – what you are and are not willing to do to have your relationship ideal
  • T: Identifying your relationship emotional TRIGGERS – what sets you off and makes you run for the hills

We will then determine specific steps – your HEART Beats – that you will regularly implement through daily actionables to make sure that you continue to make love a priority in your life

All In One 30-Minute Session For $90

In the week following your HEART Assessment, you will receive daily emails with reminders and additional support. I highly encourage you to respond and interact during this time

You are also encouraged to share your progress in the Big Change of Heart Community on Facebook - 

Request access@ www.drjennelle.com/community

That's A Full Week of Relationship Support For $90

This HEART Assessment not only helps you identify your main challenges in relationships, but it allows you to create a plan around those challenges so that you can reduce and improve the stress and strain in your love life ❤︎

So, are you ready for your HEART Assessment?

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